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*'''Feature:''' Add list of all galleries.
*'''Feature:''' Add list of all galleries.
*'''Feature:''' Added pagination to :Updates.
*'''Feature:''' Added pagination to :Updates.
*'''Feature:''' Added ExPar #if command.
*'''Feature:''' Added ExPar [#if] command.
*'''Feature:''' Added ExPar #video command.
*'''Feature:''' Added ExPar [#video] command.
== Kawachan 1.6.1 (February 19, 2011) ==
== Kawachan 1.6.1 (February 19, 2011) ==

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Kawachan 1.6 is the branch of Kawachan you are reading right now. It was released on February 18, 2011, the third anniversary of Kawachan. This page will list updates made to it. See Kawachan 1.5 for the previous branch.

Kawachan 1.6.3 (August 21, 2011)

  • Feature: New CatTree module to show a tree of all categories included in the depth count of a page.
  • Feature: New ExPar command [#infobox]
  • Change: Link coloring now uses a MediaWiki hook, this speeds up page rendering and makes development easier.
  • Fix: Font CSS declarations are now in the right place
  • Fix: TI JS library added, interop JavaScript now in interop.js instead of inline
  • Fix: Corrected encoding issues on navbar
  • Fix: Corrected position of linkbox text
  • Fix: Moved interop templating code to QuickTemplate class instead of KawachanTemplate class
  • Fix: Ontology subtitle and depth now always appears after the page title, regardless of the setting you choose for link format.
  • Fix: Several modules now link to Article.css to correctly style their bullet points.
  • Fix: Restored link to "show outbound links" in WhatLinksHere (it disappeared in v1.6pre1)
  • Removed: Old ExPar syntax removed

Kawachan (August 15, 2011)

  • Fix: Links to sections of pages now work correctly.

Kawachan (June 12, 2011)

  • Feature: There is now support for private wikis (where users must log in to view anything).

Kawachan (May 26, 2011)

  • Fix: Non-managers viewing a gallery no longer see error messages.
  • Fix: Data tables are now sorted correctly, instead of by only the first character in the column.

Kawachan (May 17, 2011)

  • Feature: Registrations are now supported on an invite-only basis.

Kawachan (May 1, 2011)

  • Fix: Display division navboxes more reliably (doesn't require purge now).
  • Change: Pull division navboxes out of main page content, and improve their styling.

Kawachan 1.6.2 (April 6, 2011)

  • Fix: Factored out new config setting $wgkStatsEpoch.
  • Change: Replaced Special:SpecialPages with a new :Tools module, which includes :Gallery and :Division links, removes unnecessary ones, and respects the user's list columns setting.
  • Feature: Add list of all galleries.
  • Feature: Added pagination to :Updates.
  • Feature: Added ExPar [#if] command.
  • Feature: Added ExPar [#video] command.

Kawachan 1.6.1 (February 19, 2011)

  • Fix: Avoided division by zero in :Statistics module.
  • Fix: Disable :BestPages module when page quality ratings are disabled.
  • Fix: Minor bugfix in setting user's ads limit.
  • Fix: Factored out the root path into a config setting, so the wiki doesn't have to be installed at /.
  • Fix: Factored out namespaces into a config setting.
  • Fix: Avoided a warning that appears when saving account settings with ads disabled.
  • Change: Made namespace detection more secure.
  • Feature: You can now embed an image by its box number and caption.
  • Feature: Embedded images are now cached per-page to reduce database queries and fix duplicate key errors when using the same image more than once on the same page.
  • Feature: The width of the sidebar is now a user preference in :Account.
  • Feature: Preferences code has been rewritten so it now uses a new extensible format, which upgrades seamlessly.

Kawachan 1.6 (February 18, 2011) (3rd Anniversary)

  • Fix: Deleting a page now removes it from the lists of pages in its categories.
  • Feature: "Pages in this category" lists are now sorted alphabetically and arranged in columns like :BestPages.
  • Feature: Brand new :AddFile page, which should be much easier than before.
  • Feature: Functionality for editing galleries (boxes) has been brought back and improved.
  • Feature: Links to existing but empty pages are now colored gray.
  • Feature: You can now choose how many columns to view link lists in. As usual, the option is in :Account.
  • Feature: Divisions: organize pages from multiple categories together.

Kawachan 1.6pre3 (February 16, 2011)

  • Fix: Infobox widget now works more securely and doesn't break everything in certain circumstances that manifested while adding the new file system.
  • Feature: New file system!
    • Change: Files now use 26-character MD5-CF hashes instead of the old (and obsolete) 48-character TI hashes. They should be much more manageable now - not only are hashes shorter, but they also no longer include '-' or '_' characters, which undermined word selection.
    • Change: Files are no longer categorized directly onto pages; instead, they are categorized into "fileboxes", which can then be embedded in a page. As such, the gallery sidebar, which automatically picked up every file on the page, has been removed. To put a gallery in the sidebar, put the box code for it in an infobox.
    • Feature: ExPar commands [#box] and [#img] have been added to replace the gallery widget and the old hackish image embedding code.
    • Note: this update came out early because of the aforementioned important bugfix. As such, most features to do with files are still unavailable.

Kawachan 1.6pre2.1 (February 11, 2011)

  • Fix: Special:WhatLinksHere now works with titles with special characters in them again
  • Fix: The :LinksFrom page now works again and now displays title text on links consistent with other pages
  • Fix: Category parsing now cooperates with MediaWiki's "first character of title must be uppercase" rule
  • Fix: HTML/URL escape codes no longer get inappropriately displayed in body text links
  • Fix: Links to redirects link to the redirecting page again, not directly to the target page
  • Fix: Corrected link counting in rating sidebar widget
  • Fix: Pages including {{Template:Empty}} are no longer treated as articles by the Statistics page and the counter on the front page
  • Feature: Rating sidebar widget now auto-detects Links and Categories qualities
  • Feature: You can now categorize using pages which are redirects

Kawachan 1.6pre2 (February 10, 2011)

  • Feature: Brand new ontology system, to replace MediaWiki's category system which has proved inadequate for so long.

Kawachan 1.6pre1 (February 3, 2011)

  • Upgrade: MediaWiki upgraded to 1.16.2.
  • Removed: Winter extension removed, because it's freaking annoying.
  • Removed: Files no longer work. A brand new gallery system is in development and file embedding will return with Kawachan 1.6.
  • Change: New ExPar syntax: <[ ... ]>. The original one hasn't been removed yet, but will be later. This replaces all Winter commands, such as #linkfarm, #db-parse and #audio. It has also obsoleted the {{DB parser}} template. You might notice that this was the syntax used for embedding images, which is one reason why image support has been temporarily removed.